• Image of Day Of The Dead Red Tote Bag (Recycled)
  • Image of Day Of The Dead Red Tote Bag (Recycled)
  • Image of Day Of The Dead Red Tote Bag (Recycled)
  • Image of Day Of The Dead Red Tote Bag (Recycled)

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Day of The Dead - What would happen if we were to celebrate the passing of life rather than mourning the loss of someone? Our guitarist reinstates that you are never forgotten by those who truly cared. This Mexican festival Day of the Dead/ El Día de Los Muertos can teach us something about ourselves and why we should try and live each day as if it could immortalise us in the eyes of those who love and admire us.

Original illustration for Conquer Gear ® by Tomoya Hiramatsu.

Recycled Salvage -woven twill tote sling Bag
100% Recycled

60% recycled pre-consumer organic cotton
40% recycled post-consumer Polyester - Twill Weave 220 g / 6.5 oz.

Salvage waste cuttings from the organic cotton garment production process are re-blended with post-consumer plastic bottles to create this hard wearing and 100% recycled product.

The bag comes with large over shoulder carry strap and popper fastening.

Time to sling the plastic bags in favour of this recycled beauty.
Saving precious resources from ending up in a scrap heap and minimising the effect on the climate by manufacturing a bag from 100% waste materials should be the future of all manufacturing and shopping habits.
Much of the pollution that would have been created from growing, milling, transporting and processing new cotton is eliminated when recycling.
Also, the use of post-consumer polyester waste avoids any other material being created from yet more raw materials. It’s a win-win situation made out of our wastefulness!

This garment is audited by the Fair Wear Foundation for peace of mind in the old manufacturing conditions malarkey because no one wants a garment covered in tears.
Ethical Trade and Justice for workers!