• Image of Elephant Grey Kids-T (Organic)
  • Image of Elephant Grey Kids-T (Organic)

Elephant - Animals have always been used for our own purposes, even if it is to sell nature documentaries, safaris or cushion covers. Our ball and chain symbolise's ego, chaining the elephant into being on the item you want to parade around in calling yourself an "animal lover." Would they exist without this? Us Humans are the weird ones, right!

Original illustration for Conquer Gear © by Tomoya Hiramatsu.

100% Certified Organic Cotton Jersey 155g

Our kids T’s are a classic cut, perfect for boys or girls.
Check the sizing chart for dimensions.

3-4 yrs / 98-104 cm

5-6 yrs / 110-116 cm

7-8 yrs / 122-128 cm

9-10 yrs / 134-140 cm

11-12 yrs / 146-152 cm

100% Organic Product in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
Certified by the Control Union, Carbon Trust and Soil Association with a 90% reduced Carbon Footprint certified by the Carbon Trust.
Also audited by the Fair Wear Foundation for peace of mind in the old manufacturing conditions malarkey because no one wants a garment covered in tears.
Ethical Trade and Justice for workers!