• Image of No More Chess - Burnt out Corridor
  • Image of No More Chess - Burnt out Corridor
  • Image of No More Chess - Burnt out Corridor

(Iraqi Embassy)
Burnt out Corridor

Original photo print for Conquer Gear © by Anthony Lycett.
(Sold without water mark shown in picture)

Abandoned 1991
There is something to be said for not publicising abandoned spaces far and wide; it attracts more people on a weekend than an art gallery. The first time we went here on a cold January weekday the only people around were office workers staring from desktops of neighbouring offices, as we went around and leafed through Saddam Hussein’s old pamphlets. It felt eerie and disconnected from its surroundings that day. Now it seems like the number one weekend destination for
couples on a date, as we found out to our surprise when we walked in on a man photographing his naked girlfriend in one of the bathrooms. After readjusting to this idea of people on a very strange day out, it dawned on us that this of all places, where the ‘Memories’ project was first formed in our minds, has become an unofficial gallery space. Leaving Conquer prints here seemed incredibly natural, as many groups traipsed past us as we took photos they didn’t seem perturbed in the slightest.

Part of the "memories collection" each photo features an Illustration by Tomoya Hiramatsu

Photo Print, on C-Type Matt Fujifilm.
Fuji Crystal Archive paper with a
semi-matt finish. The paper is coated
with a slightly stippled finish and gives
a very natural photographic finish with
subtle colour.

50.8 x 25.4cm
20inch x 10inch
(White 15mm boarder top and bottom for easier framing)

Each is an Edition of 250, signed and numbered.

Prints sent by special delivery (UK) international first class overseas.
Rolled in tube (Please ask for framing options)