Not-So Basic Smiley Skull pocket Logo T-shirts

Not-So Basic Smiley Skull pocket Logo T-shirts

Illustration Story; The Smiley Skull Logo - Have you ever wondered why humans now use punctuation in messages :-) to represent happiness?
Interpretation and repetition of imagery can change meanings, and skulls recently symbolise negativity based on a few associations.
Our ‘Smiley Skull’ subverts prominent associations and replaces them with a question mark. What is positive or negative anyway, but a subjective theory and learnt associations? We all have a permanently grinning skull under this scalp, and they support our very existence. I’d say that makes them pretty rocking!

LOGO GARMENT DISCOUNT OFFER: enter the code when checking out of our shop with more than one advance order logo garment and we will apply the following discounts;
**CODE: 2logos = 10% off (2 or more garments)**
***CODE 3logos = 20% off (3 or more garments)***

Meet the garments!

Dark Grey Urban Brushed Tee: A heavyweight brushed cotton with subtle tones of dark charcoal grey. A classic fitted boys shape tee. So people who buy our usual unisex garment might prefer a different cut.
But for those of you that want a tight neckline and tailored sleeves, it is a winner, avoid if you are working on a beer gut and want to hide it!

Melange White Organic Unisex Tee: Shape & Feel - Another classic combo of colours to show up our printing in its best light, this isn't grey, but it isn't white either.
This T-shirt is loose and not a tight-fitting item, so we as always strongly recommend checking the sizing chart for dimensions to get the fit you desire.

Indigo Unisex Tee: Fans of our traditional unisex garment where extra length is not required will like this one. Indigo is probably one of my favourite melange colours, its like denim but with a subtle purple twist!

Speckled Grey Tee: A tailored cut, this will fit the arms and shoulders snugly, so it's great if you like to show off what you have got.
The yarn looks pretty darn special as you have specks of blue and black viscose fibre woven into the fabric, a unique look when you see it up close and personal!
Check the sizing chart to make sure you get the right cut on this slim fit garment. Used to our usual garment? we recommend a size bigger for the same, slightly off the body experience!

Water-Based Ink printing - Organic inks, because water should not be polluted to make ethical printed goods.

Fair Wear Foundation - made this way for peace of mind and ethical treatment of people in the garment industry. From start to finish, we don't want to make a garment covered in tears, no matter how rebellious our images are!

All Conquer Gear items are "Illustrated by artists, ethically produced!"