Life is good, but not as good as we were told growing up. Once upon a time, and happy ever after never was more irrelevant.

Reality has bite,

No Wonder we grow up inadequately prepared!

Coming from a darker concept, with reference on the reality we see, without condoning or promoting, just simply reflecting.

Beauty within Despair!

• *BA in fine art, Central St Martins 2001-2005

Press exposure;

• WAD Magazine (France)
• Skins series 4 (E4)
• Never mind the buzzcocks (BBC shirt on simon Bird from the inbetweeners)
• Super Super magazine
• Editorials and brand feature in Street and Sport (Global)
• Caprice magazine (France/New York)
• Diesel U Music Radio (music related design brands feature)

Collaboration’s and design work;

• Carhartt London; Flyers and artwork tour
• Riz MC; A continuing collaboration with Limited edition Clothing
• Mouthwash; Merchandising

Stylist work;

• Reeps 1 (2009 Uk beatboxing champion)
• Maxim of the Prodigy
• Scratch Perverts DMC world champion; ‘Dj Plus One
• Skrein; Wembley arena
• Riz Mc; BBC electric proms & Glastonbury
• Simon Bird (inbetweener's)

Clothing Spec;

• Ethical and environmentally sourced clothing
• High quality & fair trade 100% combed cotton garment

• Limited edition Artwork available through

In addition to the online shop and stockists we also sell through Spitalfields market in East London every Thursday, Friday (10am-4pm) and Sunday (10am-6pm);

All items are shipped within 5 working days of recieving orders.
For sizing see size charts on product pages, some colours and shirts vary in size depending on colour and fit.
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