Here at Conquer Gear, we feature dark, but playful illustrations. Life isn't always perfect, and by accepting finding humour in the hard stuff, we can find a fun way of Conquering our fears!

  • Distinct clothing that will set you apart in a crowded world.
  • Imagery packed with humour and personality.
  • Ethics and slow fashion that doesn't conform.

Our favourite things always come with a story. We love to use images that are open to interpretation and invite you to create your own fiction around a piece. 

Why is our 'Scientist' so sad? Has his life's work been in vain, or did his hamster just die?

Our intention isn't to be part of the oversaturated fast fashion industry, but to make timeless clothing that can empower people through conscious consumption.

You'll never look at ethical consumerism the same way again!

By choosing garment materials that are high quality and slowly made, we hope that you the end user will require fewer clothes and get more wear from your purchases. Fast fashion is making things worthless in reality. Expect more of your clothing and take care of the precious items you cherish!

  • We keep our pricing fair, based on what it costs us to make each item.
  • We silkscreen print pencil and ink drawings onto ethical garments in limited numbers, while keeping our waste to a minimum and our imagery exclusive.
  • We pay our staff fairly; everything from the accounts, to the printers, and sales staff you meet. We all deserve to be rewarded for our dedication and skills. 
  • We give a generous % of our sales to the illustrators and artists that are responsible for your favourite drawings. Without them, we would be nothing but a blank page. 
  • Above all, we select garment partners that are Fair Wear Foundation certified or equivalent. Independently verified bodies that check into the working practices and allow the same human rights we expect in Europe for all parts of production. We have to all share in the commitments of a green fashion movement to make it worthwhile.
  • We choose fabrics at the forefront of the ethical and environmental revolution, not only are they fantastic, soft and wear, but because they look after the planet and the future for all of us!
  • Charity is predominantly needed when economics are broken, and people are not empowered to have a fair share in a business. Commerce can, in the right hands, offer many of the solutions to problems we are very familiar with. Buy better for a healthier tomorrow!

We made your clothes, and we care about what we make.

Conquer Gear is an independent artist collective based in Shoreditch, East London. Set up by an illustrator and a printmaker who thought, why not add our shared dry humour and existential philosophies to garments that can become the ultimate applied art form?

London is the epitome of a melting pot, and we exploit that fact. We collaborate with talented people in disciplines such as illustration, photography and film. Combining this with a twisted British sensibility, we are international in influence. 

We have been proud to host many fantastic and creative people on their way to forging a career in the arts. Check out our friend Riz Ahmed before he conquered Hollywood:

London was the catalyst that brought us all together. It's where we still find our inspiration! Expect ;eft-field humour and playful art that plays on well-known concepts and iconic images.

  • Always be open to new ways and fresh thinking
  • Remember you might not be laughing now, but a sense of humour will get you through the shit eventually!
  • Don't always take the easy route. Sometimes the rewards are more fruitful if they are hard-fought.
  • Give respect and props to the people that got you to where you are.
  • Ask yourself 'would I like this?' If the answer is no, then you're doing it wrong!


We print our illustrations on garments that ensure they have:

  • No slavery with freely chosen work. 
  • No discrimination on race, sex or religious grounds. 
  • No child labour in any part of the production or cotton picking.
  • Collective bargaining of all employees. 
  • Reasonable hours of working with no forced overtime
  • A safe and protected environment free of hazards and mental or physical harm in any way

We are proud of where we source from overseas. We hope to promote these industry alternatives and one day aim for the whole clothing industry have them as minimum requirements across the world.


When new and better practices are available and viable, we will select items or production methods that will promote environmental and socially more responsible manufacturing methods. 

We reserve the right to discontinue any items that fail to meet our high standards of ethics in production.  If there is an organic or carbon neutral choice, we will make it! As long as there is demand, we will keep supplying!


We believe there is not just one way of improving things, but a multitude of different solutions. If we all use only one type of material as a solution, it will lead to an over reliance that could compromise its ethical production.


We have a responsibility to cut our waste and improve our practices. Climate change is the biggest threat to life and future incomes of the world. We will always look at the best methods to minimise our impact. 


While we acknowledge that packaging can improve the enjoyment of receiving your item, we will not wilfully add unnecessarily polluting materials into the world. If it is there to help provide context and help with care information, we will include it. But all materials will be carefully considered and weighed up against the potential drawbacks.


We promise not to needlessly oversell our products. We believe in our product, but we don't want to overhype and overpromise.


We would love to hear about your experiences and help to build our knowledge so we can improve. We use our gathered expertise to provide advice, and that just keeps on growing with more useful feedback. 

Care of your garment is the number one factor of both its lifespan and also on its impact on the world.  80% of the energy and water pollution for one clothing item is in its lifetime of washing. We take responsibility for the 20% we can control in production, but we believe with careful drivers, we can have lasting objects. 

This is the main goal we should all set ourselves. 30° wash cycles with a plant-based washing detergent, save money and resources we shouldn't be wasting unnecessarily. After all, it costs us a lot and the world as well.

We don't want to sit here and preach, we want you to be part of the conversation and help us to improve. Through your feedback, telling us what you like and what you struggled with, you can help us to make what we do better. Please do think about leaving us your feedback HERE or writing a review!


If you follow anyone without saying anything, it's just plain creepy stalking. Why are we using it if not to be interactive?

A simple "hello sailor", or "keep up the good work dickhead" can be the difference of you taking our day from monotonous to rewarding. 

We like you. Otherwise, we wouldn't sell to you. We really are the people on the other end, taking your emails and messages and responding as soon as we can!

What we don't have in a business sense, we make up for in personality. 

We hope you join us in our quiet and self-deprecating revolution of how to get through life without wanting to cry yourself to sleep at night. If you want to hear more about this kind of thing and brighten up your day, do consider joining our mailing list and staying as up to date as possible on what we have done. 

If anything, it will be entertaining to watch us fail!