Axe Tote Shopping Bag (Organic)

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Axe Tote Shopping Bag (Organic)

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Based on a story overheard and reimagined. The epitome of urban legends. All we know is that he chucked more wood than a woodchuck chucked. The rest is as much a figment of imagination as most newspaper headlines.
A breaking story that hasn't had enough time to become balanced, rounded and well-investigated. Proper journalism doesn't get us all excited, as it leaves less room for our imaginations to run riot!
Is it all enough to drive you to run off and live in the wild? Find an isolated cabin and live off the land, far from your urban problems!

100% Organic Cotton, Plain weave: 5.01 oz / 170 g

Have you ever considered the impact of a few plastic bags a week, multiplied by a lifetime and then taken everyone else into account who does the same? It adds up to a huge impact, not only on plastic waste but on manufacturing, energy, and resources.
What a difference a long-lasting bag can make. Are you more likely to use it if it’s a funky graphic illustration print? Make shopping more fun and less of an advertisement for whichever shop you use!

100% Organic Product,
90% reduced Carbon Footprint,
Fair Wear Foundation was made, for peace of mind in manufacturing.
Made with ethical trade and justice for workers. We don't want to make a garment covered in tears, no matter how rebellious our images are!

Illustrated by artists, ethically produced!