Beardman Unisex T-shirt (Organic)

Beardman Unisex T-shirt (Organic)

Illustration Story: Beardman - Yes, we are fascinated by older people's faces here, but not without good reason; The stories of age get written with imperfections and embellishments. We are conjuring up wild imaginations of the viewer to tell the tale with supposition and elaboration. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
No, they aren't anyone important or anyone in particular. Instead, rather than get caught up in the mundanity of celebrity. Let your mind imagine free of the confines of certainty!

Original illustration for Conquer Gear ® by Tomoya Hiramatsu

UNISEX JERSEY T-SHIRT - Climate Neutral® Carbon Reduction!
Jersey: 4.6 oz/ 155g - Combed & 100% Organic Cotton!

Shape & Feel - Our classic roomy unisex organic garment fit, but with a heavier weight weave that screams quality!
The conquer gear classic unisex t-shirt shape is an excellent fit for women, men, or anyone.
This T-shirt is not a tight-fitting item, so we always recommend checking the sizing chart for dimensions to get the fit you desire.

All are Water-Based Ink printing - Organic inks are used here because water should not get polluted to make printed ethical clothing.

Organics are "Earth Positive / Climate Neutral®" - 100% Organic Products with a 90% reduced carbon footprint.

Fair Wear Foundation - made this way for peace of mind and ethical treatment of people in the garment industry.

All Conquer Gear items are "Illustrated by artists, ethically produced!"