Red Riding Wolf Tote Shopping Bag (Organic)

£10.00 - £12.00
Red Riding Wolf Tote Shopping Bag (Organic)

Illustration Story: Red Riding Wolf - Little red 'Wolf' in a pretty Hood. The Speech bubble reads, "I ain't going picnic".
Why pretend that life is happily ever after when it's more complex? This Wolf in sheep's clothing is a playful and unusual nod to the Grimm's tales and their pertinent life lessons that still hold value.
And if you're moaning about his grammar, it's pretty good for a canine! He's gone the whole hog and shaved his lovely legs to get in character; now that's effort!

Original illustration for Conquer Gear ® by Tomoya Hiramatsu.

CLASSIC NATURAL TOTE SHOPPING BAG - Climate Neutral® -90% carbon reduction.
Plain weave: 3.54 oz / 120 g - Combed & 100% Ultra-Smooth Organic Cotton!

1. Machine Washable (Fight Against Corona Virus By Cleaning between uses)
2. Hand Silk Screened Design.
3. Shoulder sling handle. (Hands-Free)
4. (Organic Cotton) Bio-degradable and recyclable fabric at the end of life!
5. 90% reduced carbon due to wind and solar power production

All Conquer Gear items are "Illustrated by artists, ethically produced!"