Axe Boys Eggplant T-shirt (Organic Bamboo Blend)

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Axe Boys Eggplant T-shirt (Organic Bamboo Blend)

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The woodsman was the hero, But most Grimm tales have a few twists!
Speculation to whip up our outrage.
Proper journalism doesn't get us all excited as it leaves less room for our imaginations to run riot!
Is it all enough to drive you to run off and live in the wild? Find an isolated cabin and live off the land?

Original illustration for Conquer Gear ® by Tomoya Hiramatsu.

Men’s Bamboo T-Shirt
70% Bamboo Viscose, 30% Organic Cotton
Superfine and soft jersey 150g / 4.4oz weight.
Organic Blended Content Standard. PETA Approved Vegan.

"Important fact; not all bamboo cellulose fibres are sustainable. Make sure yours is a closed-loop production garment like this one is. It stops solvent pollution issues, just because it's bamboo doesn't automatically make it a green alternative next time you're out sock shopping."

A Fitted style garment that has a fit to the body and isn't baggy, Tailored arms make it fit snugly around the shoulders and arms. This leads to some people going a size up for their desired fit and others love it for its soft fabric with a fitted style.
the fabric is as soft as you should expect a bamboo shirt to be. This will last up in Eco washes. A great summer option for help with temperature regulation on muggy days.

Water-Based Ink printing - Organic inks, because water should not be polluted to make ethical printed goods.

Bamboo - lightweight quality material with 30% organic cotton blended in, luxury without compromise on fit. Bamboo fabric like these is fairly traded, fairly made, and create less pollution with closed-loop production.

Fair Wear Foundation - made this way for peace of mind and ethical treatment of people in the garment industry. From start to finish, we don't want to make a garment covered in tears, no matter how rebellious our images are!

All Conquer Gear items are "Illustrated by artists, ethically produced!"